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Fortnite out on Nintendo Switch. Beware @Playstation owners. If intend comedy Switch, @Sony forbidden Epic annual crossover (aka accept to alpha over with new one). Already screwed if played Fortnite alike already on PS4. Seems accord is PC, XBox, Switch, adaptable but abstain PS4.

Transformers the last knight

The latest Tweets from Transformers Blog (@TFLAMB). Transformers, Star Trek, and Star Wars movie news. Atlanta.

James Roberts on Ending the IDW Transformers: Lost Light Comics

The Girl in the Spider's Web trailer https://www. OKspQ   … Return of Lisbeth Salander from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie & Millennium leash books. Almost feels like a James Bond blur for some reason.

Transformers age of extinction

A blog that covers all news regarding the Transformers movies including the sequel Revenge of the Fallen, toys, trailers, posters and anything else about ...

Check out Director Travis Knight's eyes for BUMBLEBEE in new featurette

Thanks to a heads up from armpit moderator Cobotron, we have a new video advertisement to allotment with you for the new Star Wars Powered by Transformers Millennium Falcon as Chewbacca and Han Solo! The video comes to us anon from Takara Tomy's YouTube, and gives us a abrupt attending at the Falcon mode, a footfall by footfall transformation instruction, and then a attending at the robot modes assuming off some poses. We still aren't abiding what aggressive the Han Solo head, but the faceplate looks pretty acceptable - Read More

Transformers movies

Sixo's Transformers Photo Library ... These two years make up one of my favourite eras of Transformers collecting, with an amazing number of ..... Blog Archive ...

Transformers Bumblebee: Movie Trailer Now Online! #BumblebeeMovie

The Tokyo Toy appearance gave admirers their aboriginal attending at the newst version of a Masterpiece Optimus Prime, which we will call MP Optimus 3.0 until we get an official number or labelling. However, photos were not accustomed so the alone photo we got was grainy and not the ideal aboriginal attending at a amount that will apparently amount admirers a appealing penny. Luckily, MP Optimus Prime 3.0 appearance in the latest Amount King magazine and while we do not accept aerial affection scans yet, we do accept a much bigger attending at the toy - Read More

Transformers robots in disguise

2 days ago ... Quickswitch, over the years, has been roundly criticised as a Transformer based on his suspiciously non-descript modes and odd proportions.

Why The Transformers Bumblebee Movie Will (Probably) Succeed #BumblebeeMovie

With the acknowledge of the Star Trek vs. Transformers 4 allotment miniseries advancing from IDW, and the new Solications seen yesterday, IDW has appear a new account regarding the accessible crossover, Written by John Barber and Mike Johnson with Philip Murphy leading the art team. The alternation is set to crossover the 1970's Star Trek animation with the 1980's Transformers cartoon, area the 5 year mission meets the 4 actor year old war. Read up below, and let us apperceive what you anticipate of this new alternation - Read More

Transformers prime

Full Preview for IDW Transformers: Lost Light #18

NEW! Courtesy of comics journalism aperture Comics Beat, we accept a diffuse interview allotment with IDW Publishing's James Roberts, biographer of Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye and Lost Light - forth with co-writing Chaos Theory and Last Stand of the Wreckers - about the run about to end (if IDW schedules anytime allow that to happen, that is) on this adaptation of the anecdotal Cybertronian universe. The abounding piece, which you can apprehend here, touches on a number of topics, such as planning, storyline - Apprehend More

Transformers rescue bots

Twincast / Podcast Episode #201 "Sweet Boy"

You'll remember from this abundant discussed news adventure from aback back about the Transformers Power of the Primes toyline that not only are we getting - allegedly - the Takara Tomy Unite Warriors version of Blast Off in the POTP line, but that it additionally comes with Prime Master Megatronus, the big baddie himself. Thanks to armpit sponsor Robot Kingdom, we now additionally know that the little dudeicus that forms Bruticus will be aircraft appear July 2018, and that pre-orders are now accessible with some limits - Read More

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